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8:56pm 06-29-2016
Jeremy Stibbe
I am Nina's brother. True in part that Fleckney is in her books. Not sure what the level of readership is on this site? Obvs, do read Ninas books. I am more interested in my 2 very good friends Claire Parker and Danea Stevens with whom I suffered village life but haven't seen since 1978. If you can help me make contact do let me know - 07801819916. Jeremy
5:16pm 05-30-2016
Christopher MacInnes
One of Nina Stibbe's books (Love Nina) has been made into a BBC 1 drama.I think that makes her the most famous person to have lived in the village.
12:27pm 12-04-2015
Christopher MacInnes
Has any one read the book "Man at the Helm" by Nina Stibbe? Its about life in Fleckney or Flatstone as she calls it. It's not very flatering but still a pretty good read.
11:13pm 10-15-2015
Hi, I don't know if any body can help me but I am looking for a Mr Philip Sanderson. I believe he may have connections with Fleckney.
8:49pm 08-23-2014
Does anyone remember an old pub which stood on a corner to the Leicester Rd, it was run by the Smith family my uncle married the daughter her name was Edna and I think she had three brothers.
12:46am 04-13-2014
hi i have never lived in fleckney but all my dads side of the familiy does and have done 60 0r 70 years that i know of they are the bennetts and the pollards my grandparents are horce bennett and phillis pollard both have been layed to rest in fleckney church yard my dad was ivan bennett , would love to hear from someone who is related to me thankyou
2:06pm 11-08-2013
tracey sturmey
I am looking for an old photograph in a newspaper that featured my grandma, Iris Doreen Susan Booth (known as Sue). It was a May Day parade celebration and the photo was of the May Queen and other children in related costumes. My grandma was born in 1931 and she thinks she was about 6/7 when she was in the photo, but this is a guess. Anyone with any info please contact me. Many thanks.
3:41pm 08-29-2013
I read the fleckney communicator a few months ago and hear that steve robson has been appointed full time pastor at New life Christian fellowship. from what I,ve been told this man was one of the leaders responsible for kicking out the former new life pastor!
9:46pm 08-07-2013
Joey Joe Joe
Lived in Fleckney years ago, beautiful village! Loved the countryside around it. not to worry I used my spell check while writing this!!! Lol :-)
11:13pm 04-22-2012
sarah Fleetham
i used to live in fleckney from 72-77 and have a lot of fond memories from that time , i am looking to try and contact old friends and also those that remember my dad, he used to have a car sales nr the rose gardensand was called Eddie.We used to live on main street opp the church , sadly dad passed away a few years ago but would really like to contact anyone that remembers him or myself , hope you can help and thank you for reading this
11:09pm 04-22-2012
sarah Fleetham
hi there sorry i forgot to add that if anyone has any pictures or rathere school pictures from 7-76 would be great to see some , hope you can help with people remembering my father .. Sarah x
11:01pm 04-22-2012
Sarah Fleetham
I used to live in Fleckney from 72-78 on main street opp the church , My dad had a car sales nr the rose gardens , He Sadley passed away 2 years ago and would love to get in touch with anyone that remembers him or me , his name was eddie. take care and thank you for reading this sarah x
11:15pm 03-10-2012
William Hutcheson
I left the village 30 years ago and it seems that not much has changed. Now that I am retired I plan to visit my mates and I am sure we can have a good time just like the old days.

Thank God I still can spell!

10:38pm 03-30-2011
Mark Derbyshire

I used to live in Fleckney from 73 - 77. I was 11 when I left to move to Godalming. We used to live in one of the new houses on the corner of Albert Street and Park Road. My mum Anne used to work at the Smelting Works in the High Street - now called Forge Close and also became the Cub leader for Fleckney Cubs and Scouts. Looking at Google street view the old house looks exactly the same but the farm in the High Street we used to go scrumpying in has gone!! Is it now another housing estate?

I have a good few short years there even though then it seemed like a lifetime :)
3:25am 03-13-2011
Gary Hunt

We are from Australia and will be soon visiting England for an extended holiday. My wife and I are looking at renting a property in Fleckney for eighteen months and we are wondering if there is a bus service between Fleckney and Leicester. If there is a service could you please provide details where I can view a timetable.

oan Hunt
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